Green and Gold Threads Opens Up Shop

Green and Gold Threads Opens Up Shop

Written by: Riley Wilson, Reporter

The Den, a coffee shop run by the students in Basehor Linwood High School, will start Green and Gold Threads, a school store. This store will sell t-shirts, cups and many other items pertaining to the Bobcat community. Sophomore Grace Himpel is working in Business Teacher’s Applied Business Development class to make this project happen.

I think that Green and Gold Threads will be open within two weeks. It all depends on other independent groups,” said Himpel.

Green and Gold Threads currently has no official opening date, but students can expect it to open in at least less than a month. Not only will they sell t-shirts, but when the project gets up and running, they will be selling cups, tumblers, stickers and may eventually sell bleacher seats. The school store will be opening at the concession’s stand at the entrance to the football field.

“There is a spare room there meant for apparel, which somehow got unused. It’s undecided, but it’s our main lead,” said Himpel.

Students in the Applied Business Development class are given lots of instances in which they make real-life decisions in their class. They are given real-life situations that come with opening a business. Ziegler gives students many opportunities to come up with new ideas and projects for The Den; Green and Gold Threads is just one of them.

“I wanted to do something of interest for the Den and everything just kind of fell into place. It’s a great opportunity and example of project-based learning,” said Himpel.

Green and Gold Threads will be open by the end of the football season, where students can go shopping at the entrance during home games. The store will be open to all students, parents and other fans.