Impetigo Hits Sports Teams

Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

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The case known as impetigo has been spread around Basehor-Linwood High School since the first game of football season. This commonly spread skin infection is highly contagious that mainly affects infants and children. Nurse Kinsley Pinster has confirmed four cases, but there are more students who were believed to have it, but not confirmed through the school.

“Impetigo was spread by clothes being left in the locker room by athletes for multiple days,” Pinster said. 

A common symptom of this is itching of the spot of where the red sore is located. Another common symptom is red rashes or red sores. These sores often rupture and ooze. The skin infection has been going around the football team for roughly two weeks now. It is now spreading to other fall sports teams. Not only can athletes get it, but non athletes can also get it too. 

“Impetigo is spread from skin to skin contact and the best way to prevent it is to wash your hands,” Pinster said. “If the students think that they have it, it must be looked at and treated by the doctors and antibiotics.” 

Athletic director Ross Schwisow has been the Basehor’s athletic director for three years, and this case has never been seen before. 

“In order to make sure athletes are taken care of, coaches were made aware about what proper care should be for the athletes,” Schwisow said. “Our athletic trainer is making sure that all of the athletes that have it are properly caring for themselves, too.” 

The locker rooms, weightroom and the wrestling room have had foggers in the rooms. A fogger is a device that creates fog to kill off any germs or diseases that may be lingering in that room. Now that this has come up, the rotation of these are being stepped up and so are the protocols. 

“The protocols have been set for all of these years, but now these protocols are being enforced more and more now since impetigo has been going around,” Schwisow said. 

Impetigo has an incubation period of 1-10 days, but those infected cannot infect others without an open sore.