What is the Principal’s Advisory Council?


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

The Principal’s Advisory Council was created by principal Jarred Fuhrman to help the school, community and others in Basehor. Fuhrman was looking for a better way to shape the school and community as a whole. Students applied last spring and ten students were chosen for the council.  

“The accepted students ranged from sophomores to seniors. These students were chosen because they care about the school and they want to improve the community as a whole,” said Fuhrman. 

Fuhrman wants these students to recognize problems and make changes to solve these problems. These students were chosen because they are willing to give their opinion about what changes need to be done. 

“I was hoping to create more student involvement and student input.  I’m excited to have more and more students to step up and take leadership roles in our building,” said Fuhrman. 

Fuhrman wanted to get the change in need from students in order to better benefit the school overall. One of the students chosen was junior Alyssa Tyler. 

“I believe I was chosen for this because I am a very opinionated person and I am not afraid to speak up if I am against something that is said,” said Tyler. 

Some examples of her ideas are an ACT prep class, a school supplies pantry and staff recognition from students. 

“Giving the students another voice will improve the school overall, said Fuhrman. “I hoped to find some kids who have a pulse on the school and are willing to act upon this.” 

The Principal’s Advisory Council is meeting all year and will be talking about many different goals and ideas the students have. The first meeting for the council is Friday, Sep. 23. The councils first order of business is to create the school supplies pantry.