Innovation Academy Students Create Project Eco-School

Innovation Academy Students Create Project Eco-School

Written by: Delainey Wilson, Head of Layout

As an effort to make the school a more environmentally conscious place, two seniors in Innovation Academy are using their project to create an environmental campaign. Colin O’Donnell and Brandon Watson are focusing on the waste and recycling problems within the school district.

“I was already interested in the environment prior and wanted to do something that helped with that. It just happened to be that one of the ways we could do that was dealing with food waste and recycling,” said Watson.

Last year the school’s recycling program was taken away due to fines from the recycling company for non-recyclable items being placed in the recycling bins. O’Donnell and Watson, are making a push to get the recycling program back in addition to making an effort to reduce food waste.

“The overall goal is to just limit how much of an environmental impact the school is having. We’ll be able to do that through getting recycling back, creating a significant decrease in food waste and the removal of styrofoam trays,” said Watson.

One of the main steps the boys plan to take in order to decrease food waste is creating awareness about how much waste is produced at lunchtime. After doing some math, they discovered that the student body as a whole creates 126,048 pounds of food waste per year.

“We separated all the trash cans into four different sections. We started with compost stuff, recyclable stuff, plastics and styrofoam. As people walked up we would either take their trays or have them separate it,” said O’Donnell.

The pair hopes their project will be able to make a change within the school, as well as for people to realize the effects that they have on the environment.

“Our first steps are going to be trying to get recycling back, getting posters out for the food waste. Once we get recycling back then we’re going to create posters to let people know more about that,” said O’Donnell.

O’Donnell and Watson plan to create an environmental campaign within the school. For more information visit their website.