Bobcat Buddies Begin Integration Into Life Skills Class

Bobcat Buddies Begin Integration Into Life Skills Class

Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Assistant Editor

National Honors Society (NHS) president Lane Barrette created a new program called Bobcat Buddies last year.  It takes place every other Friday in Kelly Kanan’s Life Skills class as a new mentoring program. 

“For example, some activities we did were balancing checkbooks. So as a buddy, we would guide them through our knowledge of balancing a check and guide them through their homework and assignments. [We] help them with any questions as a peer instead of a teacher, so they [are] more likely [to] take the advice that we were giving them rather than a teacher because they can relate to us more than an adult,” said Barrette. 

The program is designed to implement NHS students into the life skills class every other week during their green 4 class.Barrette got the idea for Bobcat Buddies his sophomore year from Tonganoxie High school’s program, Chieftains Friends. When he ran for NHS president his junior year,  he campaigned on the Bobcat Buddies program. 

“[It] helps expose life skill students to other peers, who they may not have classes with. Specifically those who excel more in in academic who want to make the distance [to help] those who need more help with social skills,” said Barrette. 

There are plans to continue the Bobcat Buddies program after Barrette graduates. This includes finding someone new to orchestrate the applications and who NHS student will be paired with a life skills student. But, Kanan, the life skills teacher would like to see it continued. 

“I would like to see it continue so if some students here can have another older peer through their career here at the high school,” said Kanan.