Life Skills Hosts The Special Pops BOO-gie


Written by: Emily Long, Reporter

The Special Pops BOO-gie is an annual Halloween dance held on Oct. 31, where students from other districts including Bonner Springs, Piper, Mill Valley and Tonganoxie attended.

“I look forward to the dance every year. My favorite part of the dance is the pumpkin bowling. I also love that I get to meet new people,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Howard. 

The dance was started by former life skills teacher Tyler Corts, as the idea came from the many other schools that host similar events. The dance consisted of student DJs, Pumpkin Bowling, a movie room, snacks, Corn Hole, a photo booth, guessing jars and face painting. 

“We actually start looking at ideas the week after Labor Day.  Once we get into October, we start looking again at our lists of activities and making a supply list/map of the gym. This event is mostly student-driven. My staff and class do a lot of preparation, but the peers run the show,” said life skills teacher Kelly Kanan. 

The BOO-gie held a Halloween costume competition, and the two winners were Melissa from Bonner Springs High School, who dressed up as a minion and Remus from Piper High School, who dressed up as a magician. 

 National Honor Society (NHS), Student Council, Student Ambassadors and Bobcat Success Academy all help with a portion of the event. 

“It’s definitely fun and rewarding to see how excited the kids get. Especially because this is one of the best times of their high school years, so it’s really good to see them have a good time,” said senior Jaiden Smith.  

Smith along with other seniors Sydney Gall and Delainey Wilson were the DJs along with many other students who volunteered at the dance.  The school plans to continue this dance each year.  

“My favorite part is seeing and observing all the students dance, smile and have a great time.  That is the most rewarding part. This is something that the students from here and other schools seem to really enjoy.  This activity gets a lot of student peers involved and allows special needs students to have an opportunity to experience a school dance,” said Kanan.