Dead Week: How Beneficial Is It?


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter


Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) requires at least one week in between sports seasons where there is to be no school activities or sports performed during that week, known as dead week. Athletes and coaches use this time to prepare themselves for the next sport season.

Senior Sydney Gall just finished volleyball season and is now preparing for the upcoming powerlifting season. Gall gets the opportunity to still be in the weight room during this week because she has strength and conditioning as a class. 

“Dead week doesn’t really affect me personally as an athlete because I get the opportunity to lift during class, but it may help some athletes to switch gears into the next sport,” said Gall.

Head football coach Rod Stallbaumer sees this as an opportunity for athletes and coaches to recharge and prepare for the next season.

“From a small school perspective I could see where dead week is needed because a lot of head and assistant coaches coach multiple sports it could help those coaches recharge their batteries a little as well.  If contact is allowed successful coaches will try to use that time, so mandating that nobody can practice during that week forces players and coaches to take a week off,” said Stallbaumer.  

As an athlete transitioning into a different sport, senior Jaiden Smith sees dead week as an obstacle that gets in the way of being able to prepare for the next sport season. 

“I think dead week is helpful to give multi-sport athletes a break in between seasons for their bodies to recover, but it’s kind of frustrating if you want to continue working out. Every sport has a different type of conditioning and for some of them if you take even a week break, you lose everything you worked for in the off-season,” Smith said. 

Dead Week is an opportunity for athletes and coaches to do activities after school that they normally wouldn’t have time to do during the sport season. Having a dead week opens up for coaches and athletes to get these tasks completed.