New Esports Team


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Reporter


Esports, where people can faceoff in a competitive video game, has been gaining more momentum in the past couple years. With over 30 schools offering scholarships for Esports, BLHS decided it was time to add a team.


“There is a need for an Esports team at our school because we have a lot of students into gaming. It’s a way to get students to participate in an activity through our school and help us to reach 100% involvement. Another reason is to show that gaming can have benefits,” said  Esports team sponsor Peter Diehl.


Basehor-Linwood isn’t the only school in the surrounding area that has an Esports team. DeSoto, Lansing and Leavenworth all have clubs on the high school Esports league site. Each participant can pick any competitive video game to play, they don’t have to be sports related. There are already over 40 students out for Esports. One of the students on Esports is sophomore Kaleb Kolich.


“I’ve been playing different video games for almost all of my life and when I heard that this club was being put together, I was pretty interested in it. Some of my friends are also in it and on my teams as well,” said Kolich.


Kolich started playing video games since he won his first console when he was six. On average he plays video games two to three hours per night. If he doesn’t have any interruptions, he can play for up to six hours at a time. Kolich also plans to participate in both Esports and powerlifting this winter.


“I’m not entirely sure how I will manage both. I’m sure I will be able to handle them both since the Esports practices are on your own time and powerlifting is during a set time. But for the meets, I’m not sure yet,” Kolich said.


Competitions are both individual and team. Smash Brothers is a one-on-one competition and Rocket League is a team competition. Other games like Fortnite can be both a team or individual competition, it just varies on the match. 


“We are developing our club as a whole and we are hoping that we can have something together by the time winter comes along,” said Diehl.