Marketing Class Produces Variety of Impact


Written by: Kristen Kahler, Reporter

Cody Ziegler’s Principles of Marketing class is in their ideation stage, where students begin to show what they envisioned for their projects through project-based learning. Previous to now, the class learned about the strategies of marketing and the basic ins and outs of creating value in a product or service. Through this style of learning, the students have broken up into groups to create a wide variety of projects. 

A common idea of advertisement among the students is posters and Bobcat/Advisory interaction. During this time, groups had done a number of activities ranging from selling raffle tickets where donations will go to a local Domestic Violence charity, to students volunteering to try out a new video game created by students in this class.

Sophomores Kaiden Mitchell and Kennedy Diaz are hosting a dodgeball tournament and have used posters and email flyers to spread the word.  Not all marketing projects revolve around the school and the student-body, however. 

Sophomore Jaedin Turner has goals to attract sponsors for her younger brother’s Junior Sprints car races. Turner wishes to revamp her brother’s brand and make his name more apparent by creating a logo and t-shirts for his family, sponsors and other supporters. 

“I chose to market my brother’s team because I’m passionate about it. The cause didn’t necessarily need innovation, but I saw the opportunity to use it for the class, so I took it,” Turner said.

Junior Mason Musfelt is marketing outside of school, as well, with his horse training business. He uses this class to gain clients and create advertisements to get his name out. Musfelt has run into a few struggles revolving around the timing of this class.

 “Back to the Basics Equine closes in November because of the cold and starts up again in March, yet we have to keep marketing for the class until December,” Musfelt says. 

This is the time to perform the marketing strategies that have been discussed prior to now, but winter won’t slow Musfelt down. 

“My plans are to finish the semester gaining clients for spring and putting the final touches on the project for the showcase in December,” Musfelt said.

This class is graded based on individual goals based on a specific project. Groups share presentations with the class every two weeks to show improvement and what they’ve accomplished or failed at. Reflection is the majority of what the students will be graded on in the final showcase held on Dec. 3.