Dodgeball for Dementia


Written by: Kristen Kahler, Reporter

Sophomores Kaden Mitchell and Kennedy Diaz hosted a tournament for charity on Nov. 13 called ‘Dodgeball for Dementia’ for their marketing project. The tournament raised money for charity and draw attention to the disease. 

“We picked dementia because my grandpa was diagnosed a few years back, so I had a personal connection and I had a story too, which makes for good marketing,” Mitchell said.

The marketing team has spent the semester figuring out how they wanted to raise money for Dementia. They decided on a dodgeball tournament, and ten teams signed up. 

“We talked about doing pickleball too, but it just didn’t sound as good as ‘Dodgeball for Dementia’,” Diaz said. 

The event was open to staff, parents and students. To enter, each team filled out a Google Form with the team name and the five players on the team, then turned in signed waivers with the due of five dollars per player. The communication of the system to the teams caused some problems for Diaz and Mitchell.  

“On the day of the tournament, we found that three out of the ten teams hadn’t signed waivers or paid the money, so that was definitely the biggest struggle we had, mostly because the money is for charity,” Mitchell said.

Taking into account the ten teams scheduled to play, junior Adam Jenkins predicted the Championship Round would be his team, ‘Full Send’ against ‘Dodgey Style.’ 

“I mean of course I want the dub, but besides that we don’t have much strategy. We play the freshmen girls first, so that’ll be a good first step to the championship round,” Jenkins said. 

In the end, Jenkin’s predictions didn’t come true, as ‘Dodgey Style’ ended up winning the championship round with team members: Chandler Miller, Adam Peterson, Alex Christ, Dane Miller and Jackson Herbel

Diaz and Mitchell will present the outcome of the tournament and all the details of the planning process on Dec. 3 for their marketing class.