Veterans Day Celebration


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Reporter



On Monday, Nov. 12 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) hosted a Veterans Day celebration during advisory. All students and Veterans were welcome to attend. 


“As the FCCLA sponsor, I’m constantly looking for different ways to interact with the community and I feel like veterans are a demographic that is very underserved. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate them, reach out and invite them into the school,” said Marquardt.


Many other classes helped with the event. In culinary, the students made different treats which were for sale. All the profits went towards the veterans. In family studies, students displayed posters about post-traumatic stress disorder, military spouses or anything relating to veterans. The art class made posters and painted benches that were on display.


“During bobcat time, we showed a video that [history teacher Tim] Johnson put together. There was also some veterans that came into our school. Culinary, family studies and the art class helped contribute to our event by tying in what they were learning in class to help us expand our event,” said FCCLA officer Brooklyn Fondaw.


The event was overseen by FCCLA sponsor Megan Marquardt. Marquardt worked with Fondaw and junior Me’Laiha Enriquez in advance to plan the details of this event. Fondaw and Enriquez started planning two months ago. They’ve been working on it with Johnson preparing and trying to get other teachers and more classes involved to make the event bigger. 


“I wanted to get as many classes involved because I wanted the Veterans Day celebration to be as much as a school-wide event as possible. Without the art classes, culinary and family studies getting involved the event wouldn’t have been as cool,” said Marquardt.


Next year, FCCLA plans on marketing better the veterans so they know they are welcome to come. Attending the Veterans of Foreign Wars meeting and letting them know they can come is a step that they are looking to take.