Linwood Elementary’s Chili Supper

Linwood Elementary's Chili Supper

Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

Linwood Elementary School’s yearly chili dinner is taking place on Friday, Jan. 24 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. It was originally scheduled for Friday, Jan. 17 but was rescheduled due to weather conditions. Fellow community members gathered and purchased meal tickets, which included chili, chips and a drink and raffle tickets for baskets. Principal Cindy Hiebert has been Linwood Elementary School’s principal for 13 years and is one of the members in charge of the dinner. 

“The chili dinner has been going on for 15-16 years now, and this is an opportunity for fellow community members to gather, eat chili, purchase something from the raffle and to socialize with fellow community members,’” Hiebert said. 

Baskets contain chocolate, toys and games, sports gear, and more. There are also donated items from businesses such as automotive businesses, restaurants, and hair salons. Community members have the opportunity to donate money as well. The money made each year has been ranging from $2,800- $3,200 made a year. All of the money that is raised goes to the elementary school for activities. This has helped to pay for playground equipment, technology, a laminator, many classroom items, field trip buses and more. 

“I enjoy seeing the Linwood community gather together to raise money for the school,” Hiebert said, “ The most exciting part it seeing former students from Linwood who are now in college.” 

Community members ranging from five years old to 80 years old gather on this day to socialize and get to know fellow community members. Sophomore Jack Habjan has been going to this event ever since kindergarten and still goes to the chili dinner because of his younger siblings. 

“I like going to this event because I get to see the former teachers that I used to have in elementary school and how much the school has changed,” Habjan said,” I enjoy seeing a smaller community like Linwood after going through some adversity come together for the good of the people.” 

Fellow Linwood members gather on this day to socialize, eat chili, raise money, and to feel like a community. This opportunity gives community members the chance to interact with one another at this event.