Nutrition Club Set to Open in Basehor


Written by: Delainey Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Business owners Cheryl and Andy Doyle are expanding their nutrition business from Leavenworth into the Basehor community, and are opening a new nutrition club in late February called Basehor Nutrition.

“We wish we had a specific date, but right now it’s in construction mode. It’s been cool because it’s our baby and we got to create whatever we wanted,” said Cheryl.

The product line at Basehor Nutrition will include a variety of different items including smoothies, teas, shakes and aloe.

“So basically when someone comes into our shop we tell them we are a smoothie shop. We sell HerbalLife products, but what we do is one-on-one coaching. It’s a community, we call it a ‘healthy hub’ that has a good vibe tribe,” said Cheryl.

Once Basehor Nutrition is open, the Doyles plan to be very involved with both the community, and also with the school. Not only did junior Lana Rodina design the logo for the nutrition club, but senior Logan Lynn and her team for Green and Gold Threads will be partnering with Basehor Nutrition.

“We’re actually really excited to work with them because one of the things that we want to do here is just to support the community. What they’re going to do is bring the apparel into our shop and basically they set up their own little business within our shop. It’s all on them, but they just have the platform and the area to build their business basically,” said Cheryl.

In addition to partnering with students, Basehor Nutrition will also provide a student membership card that will offer a discount on energy combinations which include an energy tea, a shake and aloe.

“It’s a one time fee and after that you get your combos for seven dollars which is a really good deal,” said Cheryl.

The nutrition club will be located at 15630 Pinehurst Drive, Suite 7 in Basehor, Kan