Dating Comes to the Den


Written by: Emily Long, Reporter

Love has been in the air this week. The Den hosted a matchmaker event to help singles find a date for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 10, in the Den. 

“The idea came to us when we were sitting in class and we were thinking of a Valentine’s Day promotion for The Den. The class thought it would be a fun idea to do a matchmaker game and see which students would end up with,” said sophomore Jahaira Lopez Diaz. 

The rules were simple: there would be three people of one gender sitting on one side of the curtain, and one person of the other gender sitting on the other side. The single person asks the others questions and chooses their match based upon their answers. 

We choose to do this because we thought this would be a fun and entertaining activity that our students would enjoy. We were looking for people who were willing to have a fun time, and who also might enjoy this activity,” said Lopez Diaz. 

The students chose junior Gatlin Brown to ask questions in order to find a match. He would choose from sophomore Rylee Jones, sophomore Riley Wilson and junior Nikki Jay. 

“I thought it would be a fun game to do, and it was for the class I used to be a part of. I had already known the girls before, and I was excited to get to hear each of their answers,” said Brown. 

Brown listened to all three of the girls’ answers, and he ultimately chose sophomore Rylee Jones.

“I was kind of surprised with the outcome. I didn’t expect to pick a person with so many of the same interests as me. It was very fun to be involved with this,” said Brown. 

The Den is planning on doing something similar to this next year.

“We really liked doing something like this. We thought that it was entertaining, and a lot of students seemed to like it,” said Lopez. 

Alongside the Matchmaker, the Den had also been selling Valentine’s coffee grams, where you can buy a coffee for someone else, whether it’s a friend or for someone special, and those were delivered on Feb. 11.