Math Relay Team Ties for Second Overall


Photo by Jessica Weick

Written by: Jaedin Turner, Reporter

On Feb. 18, the school hosted the yearly math league competition called UKC Math Relays. Basehor tied for second place overall score with Lansing, and DeSoto took first by 2.5 points. Five out of the six Basehor teams placed either second or third. 

“We are thrilled with [the] results and we couldn’t be more proud of what they accomplished,” said math teacher Megan Little.

The Algebra I group placed second with freshmen Mackenzie Bergstrom, Kaitlyn Riojas and Bailey Jensen. Geometry placed third with freshmen Gavin Richardson, Carly Youngblood and Breanna Morey. Algebra II placed second with sophomores Zach Palmgren, Noah George and Grace Himpel. Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra tied for third with sophomore Cooper Krueger, senior Delainey Wilson and junior Luke Miller. Statistics took second with seniors Brandon Watson, Shyann Jonscher and Sadie Webb. The Calculus team was made up of seniors Lane Barrette, Carson Lennard and Lexie Glezen. 

“We picked students by asking for volunteers from each of the classes or categories.  If there were more than three volunteers for a test category, then the class teacher considers students’ MAP scores, overall class grades, work ethic, the quickness of answering questions and could even give a previous year’s test to see which students score the highest,” said Little.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all competed in this competition. 

“I wasn’t nervous because I know that stressing about it wouldn’t have helped me to do any better. I feel like my team did pretty good, except we could have budgeted our time better. I felt decently prepared, but there’s always some questions that you’re not going to know. Next year, I will try to work a little bit faster so I have time to check my answers,” said Himpel.

Next year, the teachers plan on preparing by assembling the teams earlier and working through questions from previous years’ tests.