Innovation Academy Fundraiser Gives Students the Opportunity for a Scholarship


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Reporter

Innovation Academy (IA) senior Colin O’Donnell is working on a fundraiser for the program. Citizens Savings and Loans Bank came up with the idea and O’Donnell decided to take it on. The project is to design a new Bobcat debit card that people can choose from at the bank. The current Bobcat Debit Card is through First State Bank and Trust and the profits go towards the Basehor Linwood Education Foundation (BLEF), which disperses across the district. For every transaction ran as a credit purchase BLEF makes five cents.The new card will give five cents per swipe for the IA program. Students can design the card however they want.

“This card is meant to be for the students so why not have the students design the card they want,” said O’Donnell.

There are no requirements for this contest, anyone can enter and try to win. The winner will receive a $500 scholarship.

“The winners are being picked by the IA teachers since this card is for the IA program. If there are a lot of entries though, a general vote to slim down the numbers will be sent out to the students via email,” said O’Donnell. 

Sophomore Maya Pebley is one of the many students entering the contest.

“I entered the contest because I thought it was a fun idea and I had a few designs in mind. The Bobcat colors were my inspiration because I thought it could be recognized easily by being Basehor colors. My basic design idea is using the bobcat logo in the corner and having a faded background with our school colors,” said Pebley.

O’Donnell hopes this contest will generate buzz around the IA program.

“I think this contest is very beneficial because of the revenue it can generate for the IA program and the hopes that we will see greater numbers in the future of the program,” said O’Donnell.

The deadline to submit designs is March 18 and they need to be submitted to O’Donnell’s email, [email protected]