COVID-19, What You Need to Know


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Assistant Editor

On March 17, Gov. Laura Kelly closed all school buildings and facilities for the rest of the school year. Even with the additional two weeks off after spring break, there is no plan for the school year to be extended. Right now the school district is looking for a waiver for the 1,116-hour school requirement for grades 1-11 and 1,083-hours for seniors. 

“School’s not done. And that’s what I want you guys to understand. The building and [the] facilities are closed down, but we’re not done being Bobcats this year,” said principal Jarred Furhman in a video sent to students March 18.

The district is making plans to move completely online starting March 30. This learning process will look different for each teacher and each student. Currently, the district and the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE) are working on ways to make sure that all students have access to their schoolwork and teachers. 

“We will try to make technology available for any family that doesn’t have a device in their home. We will also be looking at options for those with internet service as well,” said Superintendent David Howard. 

As of right now, all school events have been canceled with the exception of prom, academic awards and graduation. There have been no new dates given for these events and there is no given time range of when these new dates may be released. 

“I’m trying to come up with some creative ideas that we can do Prom and the Awards night. Awards night might be interesting to do virtually. [I’m] not sure about Prom.  I’m holding out hope on graduation even if we look at doing it in June. At this point, things are changing daily and those decisions are out of my control.”

Kansas State High Schools Activities Association (KSHAA) has canceled all spring sports as well. KSHAA said in a statement: The KSHSAA recognizes the value of school activities for all students and school communities, but the current situation does not permit the opportunity for school activities to take place in a manner that is consistent with the very reason school activities exist.