Back in Buisness: The Den Re-Opens


Written by: Emily Long, Reporter

With the school opening its doors again and class being back in session, The Den has also decided to open again amidst all the change of the new school year. 


We’ve done tons of prepping the last couple weeks. Most of our team is new to The Den, so quite a bit of training and reviewing of our handbook has been underway. Our awesome production team is working hard to get our orders, such as coffee, syrups and cups in for the reopening,” said junior Ava Gunn. 


In order to re-open new restrictions had to be followed, and the way that The Den usually operates had to change. 


“Going into this reopening, safety was our main concern. We’ve lessened our staff per shift, set up a system of social-distancing while working, reiterated cleaning procedures and our delivery has the least amount of contact as possible,” said Gunn. 


The Den was tasked with trying to come up with a new way of getting drinks out to students with as little contact as possible. Since completely opening the store presents new risks, The Den has converted to a totally online ordering system. 


“I believe most of our customers will easily transition to this system and actually prefer it,” says Gunn. 


Ordering will be done through The Den’s website, where it will walk students through the ordering process. Students will select the time for whenever they’re in the lunchroom, and a barista will bring the order to their table. 


“I really like how The Den is delivering drinks even during this time. It’s really nice how we can order online and have it delivered right to you,” said junior Sam Price. 


The Den is only delivering drinks during the lunch blocks, and will be operating on this new delivery system until they can open the store in order to keep everyone safe. 


“It’s been tough not being able to have us all in a room together like we used to. I’m excited to see how we can grow as a team through these hardships. I believe our team handled this situation with integrity and sincerity. Of course there are going to be bumps in the road, but I doubt there’s an obstacle that this team can’t overcome,” stated Gunn.