Theater Department Presents Mirror Mirror On the Wall for Fall Play


Written by: Gracie Hermreck, Reporter

This year the theater department will be putting on the play Mirror Mirror on the Wall. The play is a medley of multiple fairy tales, the main one being Snow White. The story centers around the Evil Queen and her mission to kill the princess. She does this through placing spells on the magic mirror and comes in contact with many other fairy tale characters along the way.

In past years, the show has been available to view in person.This year however, the show will be recorded and broadcasted online, as it ensures the safety of the cast and visitors. People will be able to watch the show through a link, and it will be free to view. People are encouraged to donate to the theater department.

“The theatre program is really shaping things up in order to accommodate for COVID, so this would be an experience people have never… well, experienced before. It’s a fun play performed by your friends,” Said senior Jonathon Cavanaugh. 

The play will be recorded using the cast members computers, and will be screen recorded through a zoom call. Ms. Knowles decided on Zoom, as it has a green screen feature, which allows them to create green screen set pieces. 

In previous years, the musical has been held in the fall and plays held in the winter and spring. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the play will be held in the fall rather than the musical. This is due to the smaller character number within the plays, and smaller rehearsal time. Other changes have been made to the show and its production as well.

“Everyone needs to be lifted up right now. The play is a great way to do that. It brings people together in a safe and fun way,” said senior Jonothan Cavanaugh

Usually, students meet in Miss Knowles’ room to audition, although this year students met in the auditorium, as it allowed for more space to social distance within. Students have been rehearsing the past few weeks over Zoom but have moved in building as the show begins to get closer. Students are required to wear their masks during rehearsals as well as social distance, although they will not have to wear their masks during the final showing. 

“I play the Evil Queen and have enjoyed the play. COVID-19 seems to be bringing everyone down. The play is a good and safe way for people to get together and have a good time,” senior Samantha Hughes Said.

Students will be able to access the video after Oct. 16 although the exact date has not been released. Family of the cast members will be allowed to watch in person on Oct. 24 although students will not be allowed admittance.