National Honors Society- Projects for the 2020-21 School Year

National Honors Society- Projects for the 2020-21 School Year

Written by: Gracie Hermreck, Reporter

Every year, students come together through National Honors Society (NHS) to create meaningful change within their community. Newly elected planned a project in which they would work on with NHS members throughout the school year.  

NHS Vice-President Makenzy Curtis will lead the first project. The project, which involves putting together care packages for senior citizens within the community. Curtis believes that Christmas is often a lonely time for seniors in senior centers, and hopes that the packages will boost the overall morale of those in the community. Curtis plans to donate the packages a week before Christmas, allowing time for the gifts to be quarantined before being distributed. Curtis will start to collect donations sometime in November. Acceptable donations include puzzles, card games, books and keepsakes to the project. Donations will be collected outside of volunteer coordinator Tammy Potts’ room. 

“The seniors I’ve spoken to always feel as though they are being left behind when they are put in a senior living center. Acknowledging the presence of the seniors in our community and giving them a nice gift, can make their Christmas special, even in these dark times,” said Curtis. 

The next project will be led by NHS President Rosetta Spratt. Spratt plans to organize a Student Tutoring Union in which selected NHS members will have the opportunity to tutor students and help them excel academically. The project will help students who are currently struggling or are behind in their studies. Students who may have limited time, money and resources will be able to get the help they need to maintain academic success.

Our school community is filled with many talented individuals, many of whom are in the National Honors Society. I believe that putting these gifts and talents to use to help others within our school community succeed is the first step to making a true difference in our community as a whole. In order to truly see change and help students achieve their goals, we as students have to help each other, and that is the true objective of the Student Tutoring Union,” said Spratt. 

Treasurer Stella Harrington’s project includes making goodie bags for Children’s Mercy Hospital. Initially, Harrington planned on taking a group to make food at one of the Ronald McDonald homes in downtown Kansas City, however COVID-19 guidelines restrict this. This project is aimed to help families that have their children or loved ones in the hospital for a long term stay. 

“By providing families with support and a nice meal, they are able to take some of the stress off families of sick kids. I chose this project because I’ve done it numerous times myself and I love it. It’s such an eye opening experience and I always leave feeling like I’ve made a positive impact in the community. You can touch so many people’s lives just by offering a smile, and it makes me so happy when the families take what we provide; they are always extremely thankful,” said Harrington.

The final project will be carried out by NHS Treasurer Cheyanne Lenard, where she will raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Lenard plans to donate all money raised in order to help grant a wish. While Lenard does not have a plan set in stone, she is currently working with the possibility of planning a garage sale of donut drive. 

“As a Make-A-Wish recipient myself, I know that it is a wonderful organization and I think having our school be a part of the program in some way will be wonderful,” said Lenard. 


If a student is interested in helping Stella Harrington, you can sign up for meal prep through If students would like to help with the projects they may email each officer at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]