Teacher Tim Johnson Elected as State Representative


Written by: Alyssa Tyler , Editor-in-Chief

On Nov. 3, history teacher Tim Johnson was elected as a Kansas State Representative for the 38th district. Johnson’s main goals are improving education and the foster care system in Kansas. 

“I told everybody when I started, it’s kids and education. Because those are two of the things that are near and dear to my heart. When I say kids, I’m talking [about how]  our foster care system in Kansas is broken. It’s in shambles. We’re not getting kids where they belong. We’re not getting them the education those kids deserve. We’re making it hard to get good foster parents.

That has to be changed because in the adoption system, we’re making it difficult for good families that want to adopt a baby to do it,” said Johnson. 

Johnson has been involved in local government for many years. From working as a page when he was younger, to a police officer and now a teacher.

“Many years ago, [when I was in my] freshman year of high school. I served as a page in the Kansas legislature. Which you go [and] you take messages. If they want a cup of coffee you go get it, but you get it. But you get to be around the capitol building and so I had done that. And of course you get to meet the governor and get your picture taken and it piqued my interest. And I have retained an interest in government,” said Johnson. 

Although Johnson ran as a republican, he believes that both parties need to work together to fix things.

I also know she cares about education and I guarantee I’m going to want to talk with her about stuff you do because it’s. We get we’re getting to pulp politicized right now,” said Johnson.

Johnson was a police officer for 31 years, where he has now taught a mix of social studies and geography for 11 years. He has participated as a football and powerlifting coach as well.

“It’s exciting to see a teacher have that opportunity to represent our area, our school district. He will keep schools in mind as he goes through the legislative process,” said assistant principal Jared Jackson. 

Although Johson has had many different careers, he has always appreciated the district and what it has accomplished. 

“I love this school. I’m here [in the district] because of its quality. I’ve seen different programs [because] of what Schwisow did with the weight room. And what [formal principal]  Sherry Reeves was a wonderful principal here [and] how she got our Blue Ribbon School award. [and I can] just go down the list [of] different people that have made this a great place to go to school. And now that’s why so many people want to come here. So I will miss them,” said Johnson. 

Johnson will retire after this semester to fulfill his duties as a state representative.