National Honor Society Does Holiday Gift Drive


Written by: Narrisa Hampton, Reporter

National Honors Society (NHS) is collecting Christmas gift donations until Dec. 13 for Country Country Place Senior Living. 


“I know from my experience with my grandmother that elderly homes are locked down very tight right now due to COVID.  We believe that the donations we are asking for will be welcomed gifts to the elderly patients that are feeling isolated and lonely this holiday season,” Sponsor Alex Verbenec said.


NHS members have been helping by advertising, making posters and posts online. These students will also be wrapping the packages to be delivered at Country Place Senior Living at the end of December. 


“Donating is very important this year because a lot of people are stressed out with a lot, like the current pandemic and the holidays. Giving back to others during the Christmas season would definitely be a calming factor for everyone,” Junior Cheyanne Lennard said. 


The Country Senior Living has a goal of receiving donations for 16 residents. 


Gifts from students can be dropped off at the CTE office. Donations can also be brought directly to Alex Verbenec’s classroom, 122. Suggested donations to the donation program include: books, perfumes, board games, blankets, slippers, mugs and hand sanitizer.