Superintendent Announces Retirement


Written by: Emily Long, Assistant Editor

On Monday, Dec. 14,  2020, Superintendent David Howard announced that he will be retiring after the 2020-2021 school year during the December Board of Education meeting. The Board of Education will make the decision on who is hired as the next superintendent. 


“I believe relationships with the board, teachers, staff and students is the most important thing in this position. It is imperative to be transparent and authentic and always remember that the most important job we have is educating our students,” said Howard. 


The hiring process for each school district is different. Each school district throughout the state may choose the process and firm they will use to lead a Superintendent search. The Basehor-Linwood Board decided to employ the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) to conduct their search. 


“The School Board, any school board, has one “direct report,” which is the Superintendent. The Superintendent is the leader of the district. Therefore, hiring the Superintendent is one of our most important jobs. Since the process just began on January 1, we do not have any candidates yet. But, I believe we will have many that are highly qualified,” said Board President Dayna Miller. 


They are currently surveying the community to see what characteristics they would like to see in the next leader. This includes parents, teachers, and even students will have an input on which qualities that they want to see in the next superintendent. 


“I think it’s amazing that they’re communicating with students on what kind of superintendent they would like to see. It allows students to take charge of their education, even if it’s a small thing like giving input,” said junior Riley Wilson. 


The goal of the board is to hire and introduce the next Superintendent before spring break. 


“I personally believe Basehor-Linwood is one of the best superintendent jobs in the State of Kansas and I’m humbled to have served this district for the last 14 years,” said Howard. 


Howard will remain as the Superintendent throughout the remainder of the school year. The new superintendent will start their job on July 1, 2021.