Small Fire Breaks Out Outside Woodshop Classroom


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

On Jan. 25, a computer numerical control (CNC) machine in the woodshop classroom created a small spark, which in turn caused a fire in the dust collector outside of the building. The fire was not inside of the building and the smoke was contained into the woodshop room.

“One of the saws kicked up a piece of wood, which turned into a spark and an ember. Then that flew into the sawdust and caught on fire. Smoke went back into the building, but we never had any fire in the building. The fire [was] outside, but the smoke came back through the tubes. We shut the machine off, we got the fire out and pumped the smoke back out,” said fire department chief Mike Lingenfelser.

Senior Ryan Auten walked into the room filled with smoke earlier in the day. 

“We put it out [and] we turned the dust collector off. It took 30 minutes to maybe an hour for the smoke to start coming out of the machines again,” said Auten. 

The fire department was notified of a fire by dispatch. Since the fire was not in the building, the school fire alarms did not go off. 

“There was no real danger to the students, so they didn’t kick it off,” said student resource officer Eric Witzleb.