Boys and Dolls Jr. Preps For In-Person Performance


Written by: Narrisa Hampton, Reporter

Guys and Dolls Jr, is the first performance of the year from director Rebbecca Knowles set for a live audience in April. Last week, auditions wrapped up and a cast list was posted with twenty two students. Rehearsal is starting in February and play production classes started preparation for the new backgrounds and props. 

“We’re looking forward to performing with real backgrounds and real props. Both plays have been on zoom with green screens, so i’m relieved everything with the musical will be pretty much the same as before, ” said Knowles. 

If school continues with the same COVID-19 procedures currently by this spring, musical production will keep an audience. The audience is only allowed to hold up to a hundred people. Groups will be spaced out by three seats in the auditorium, with every other row cleared completely. Members of the cast will be using new clear masks that show the full face. All props, costumes and tech will be sanitized before and after use. If numbers start to rise, the musical will be recorded and then streamed. Tickets will still be sold for the stream, and nothing will be changed about rehearsal or performance. 

“I’m excited for everyone to be back, for everything to be a little normal again,” said junior Nathan Crews. 

Guys and Dolls Jr plot follows his character and a few other gamblers trying to plan a big event and win bets in 1930’s New York City. 

“We’re back. Besides the current situation, we’ll have the same energy, same attitude, and same amazing show,” said Crews.