Bright Spots Co. Drops New Line of Apparel


Written by: Rylee Jones, Reporter

Bright Spots Co. has been operating as a small business for a few months. Recently, the business has expanded its horizons with a new drop of apparel. This includes shirts, crewnecks and hoodies in a multitude of colors. The owners of Bright Spots Co., and juniors, Riley Wilson and Gracie Hermereck designed and created the apparel themselves.Their new items made a debut on their website this Monday.

“We had a photoshoot and posted it on our Instagram. We are also in the middle of a giveaway to gain more followers and more excitement about the launch. We’re super excited about it,” Wilson said. 

In addition to posting, their preparation for this was also creating the apparel. 

“It was difficult deciding exactly what we wanted to put on the shirts and the styles, but we are happy with how they turned out.” 

The business previously sold mostly stickers with positive messages on them, but the owners wanted a way to spread more positivity. The shirts were designed on Adobe Illustrator and a Cricut was used to cut them out. They then used a heat press to press the messages onto the crewnecks and shirts. 

“The hope with this new drop is to spread positive messages. It would be cool to see people walking around with Bright Spot Co. apparel on,” said Wilson. 

Wilson also recently quit her former job as a hostess at Famous Daves, partially due to this business taking off.

“I wanted to be able to put all my focus on Bright Spots” said Wilson.

Part of what helped them with this growth in their business was help from outside people. “It felt good to see people wanting to show off our brand by modeling for us. We are also thankful for the heat press Mrs. Kanan gave us and we are also thankful for Ms.Welsh for letting us use her lights,” Hermreck said. 

The company wants to continue to expand in the future by creating more products and gaining more customers. This drop is just one of more drops of new items to come in the future.