Prom Is a Go


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Social Media Manager

Prom is a go and is happening sometime this Spring at  Sporting KC. Yes, you read that right. Principal Jarred Fuhrman and prom committee leader Meg Marquardt are working through the details and there are still a lot of questions to be answered with time as they continue to get farther into the planning process. 


“I think it [Prom] is important. It’s kind of like the National Honors Society Ceremony. You know we can’t do things like pep rallies and we couldn’t have big student sections at sporting events because we just can’t do those things. And I understand why, but I do think that there’s a way to do Prom. It may not be exactly like everybody wants it to be but I think that we can get pretty close and I think that it’s important for you guys to be able to still have those opportunities too,” said Fuhrman.


The location will be the same as previous years, Sporting KC, and depending on their soccer schedule it will be one of three dates, April 10, April 24 or May 8. Since the location is in Wyandotte County and our school is in Leavenworth county there may be some additional hoops that are necessary to go through.


“The biggest obstacles we’re going to face are the regulations that the county will put on us knowing it’s not in our county. And so what kind of things are we going to have to deal with? What will the security over there with the rules be like when you’re inside the building? Are they going to tell us you can only have this many kids? And then is it only going to end up being a senior prom? I don’t know. That is not what I’m planning on but those will be the biggest hiccups to doing it the way I would like to, which is as close to normal as possible,” said Fuhrman.


Marquardt, being the junior class sponsor, is the head of the prom planning committee. This includes jobs such as making the venue reservations and orchestrating the theme. Since last year’s Prom was canceled so soon, the planning committee has decided to stick with the same theme, Enchanted Garden. If you are interested in being a part of the planning process send Marquardt an email.