JAG-K Students Compete at Career Development Contest


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

On March 30, students from Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K) competed in the Career Development Contest (CDC). This contest allows students to demonstrate their employability skills they learned throughout the year. 

“They get to use leadership and personal skills to show those life skills that are necessary to show once they graduate and move into their career world,” said JAG-K teacher Jessica Glover. 

 Three students competed in three different contests throughout the day. Junior Janeadra Galloway competed in Employability Skills, where she conducted a mock interview and had to prepare a cover letter, resume and application for the mock job. Junior Jaiden Edmonds competed in Public Speaking, where she presented a speech over how JAG-K has helped through the 2020 year and how she overcame obstacles. Freshman Lexi Henderson and sophomore Cyrell Smith competed in a project-based learning project. They showcased their career exploration unit and job analysis for a job of their choice. The group of students began their projects at the beginning of the second semester. 

“I really dug deep into a career that I like,” said Henderson. 

The students were judged by local judges. Consisting of guest speakers the JAG class had in the past, business owners and other volunteers. The top three from this region will compete at state on April 21. 

“It’s important because not only does it teach them the value of competition. With the market-driven economy we live in, it provides them the opportunity to refine the skills they’ve been learning and being able to use them and transition those skills into the workforce,” said Glover. 

Edmonds placed 5th for Public Speaking. Henderson and Smith place second for their Project-Based learning project. And Galloway placed 1st for Employability skills. Henderson, Smith and Galloway will go on to compete at state on April 21.