Science Olympiad Competes at State


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

From March 27 to April 1 the Science Olympiad team competed at state. The 15 members competed in 23 events, ranging in different types of sciences. Some of the events were exams and others were project and construction-based. 

“We did [the competition] totally virtual. They used Google Classroom to run the tests. There were some events that had a construction part and a test part. Most of those were just a test this year,” said Science Olympiad sponsor Peter Diehl. 

This is the first year the Science Olympiad team has qualified for State.

“We had several top tens for regionals, and when we went into the state [meet], we took just a few events that we wanted to specialize in,” said Diehl.

Junior Jack Habjan placed first in the Agro/Bio event. This was a trial event, meaning it was not officially a part of the rotation for Science Olympiad competitions, but could be in the future. Habjan medaled in the event but did not earn team points or earn a spot to Nationals. 

“Agro/Bio is something that Jack just knows. He does it at home. He does it on the regular. It’s something he’s going to be doing for the rest of his life,” said Diehl. 

Habjan took a 60 question quiz via Google Forms to compete at the event. 

“I’ve kind of been preparing for it my whole life. Because that what I do. Agriculturally based stuff is what I really enjoy. And I take a prep class, Greenhouse Management and Soil Science class at Eudora in the morning and that’s really helped me out a lot,” said Habjan.

Overall the team placed in ten events.

  • Agr/Bio – 1st Place
    • Junior Jack Habjan
  • Water Quality – 3rd Place
    • Senior Trey Galvan and Junior Nathan Crews
  • Anatomy & Physiology – 10th place.
    • Senior Trey Galvan and Freshman Toni Tran
  • Boomilever – 4th Place. 
    • Senior Luke Miller and Sophomore Isaac Miller
  • Chemistry Lab – 5th place.
    • Senior Trey Galvan and Senior Luke Miller
  • Forensics – 10th place.
    • Sophomore Bree Morey
  • Fossils – 12th place. 
    • Freshman Toni Tran and Freshman Aliyah Shirley
  • Gravity Vehicle – 7th place.
    • Junior Jack Habjan
  • Ping Pong Parachute – 8th place.
    • Senior Danielle Nay and Junior Grayson Lee
  • Sounds of Music – 7th place.
    • Junior Bailey Jensen and Freshman Jolianna Renfro
  • Write it/Do it – 9th place.
    • Senior Trey Galvan and junior Jack Habjan