The Book is Always Better than the Movie: Safe Haven

The Book is Always Better than the Movie: Safe Haven

I recently watched the newly released movie, “Safe Haven.” I actually read the book over the summer as well. As always, I found myself more impressed with the book over the movie.

In the story told on paper, the reader gets the opportunity to see the main character go through a series of challenges to get where she wants to be. Throughout the entire story, she has flashbacks that really helped me understand why she is the way she is now.

In the movie, there were flashbacks shown; however, they didn’t give the main character the justice she deserved. It was hard to understand and slightly rushed.

Another reason I prefer the book over the film is that the ending was a genuine surprise for the reader. I had no way of telling what was going to happen while flipping the page. On the other hand, the movie hints towards what is going to happen, and I didn’t like that.

One thing that made me happy with the film adaption was who was chosen to play the main character, Julianne Hough. Ever since the new version of, “Footloose,” she’s become one of my favorite actresses. Also, Josh Duhamel was not so bad to look at as he played Julianne’s hero/lover.

As far as my opinion goes, I would choose the book over the movie. However, both are another great pair produced by the amazing Nicholas Sparks.