“Prisoners” Movie Review

A movie that has been a favorite of mine is “Prisoners.” Even though this movie is no longer in theaters for people to see, I highly recommend watching it on Netflix or DVD. The movie, “Prisoners” is a kidnapping-based thriller. If you enjoy the constant feeling of suspense, heartbreak, and shock, this movie is a must-see. Hugh Jackman plays the lead role as father, Keller Dover. It all begins when Keller Dover’s 6-year-old daughter, Anna, goes missing with her friend, Joy. The true horror and nightmare begins to sink in as the search for finding his daughter seems impossible. They are left with no other lead than a dilapidated RV that could possibly not even be the evidence they need. Detective Loki or better known as, Jake Gyllenhall, is put in charge of the investigation where he tries his best to succeed in the case.

Detective Loki arrests the so-called “kidnapper” Alex Jones, who turns out to lack physical evidence. Jones is soon released and the tension begins to rise. With the police pursuing different leads and the Dover family’s destruction, a desperate father decides to take matters into his own hands. How far will he go to save his daughter? Will the kidnapping be solved? The mystery is for you to find out.