Girl Code: edition.. who cares? No more counting


As girls, we are often picky when it comes to the opposite sex. Although we don’t expect perfection, there are certain “turn-offs,” we just can’t look past.

Turn off is defined by Urban Dictionary as, “Basically something that disgusts you, find embarrassing or unappealing (mostly) about the opposite sex.”

Though it depends on the lady, there are lots of turn offs that are common for everybody.

Let’s get started.

(In no particular order):

Bad breath. Brush your teeth, not that hard of a concept.

A narcissist. No girl wants to listen to you blab on and on about yourself. Also, you shouldn’t be more focused on your appearance than your girl.

Disrespectfulness. It’s important for a guy to show respect for a girl’s parents, his parents and any other adults in general. Most importantly, a boy must show respect for the girl.

Immaturity. Know the difference between having fun and acting like a child.

Talking about other girls. Do we need to know how many girls you think are attractive? No, so shut up.

Being impolite. It’s not that freaking hard.

Interest in one thing and one thing only. Let’s be honest, barely any high school boys are looking for love; however, get over yourself. This is a school, not a brothel. 

No personality. Liven up and drop the boring attitude.

I hate the term, but, being a “player.” Is it really necessary to lead multiple girls on just so you have options? No.

And the traits that don’t need an explanation:

Arrogance, possessiveness, dishonesty.

Most of all, don’t be a jerk.

Girl code.