It’s Friday, but school still…

Multiple students, freshmen through seniors, were asked one simple question, “Why does school suck?”

“My classes are pointless,”

“You have to get up early,”

“College algebra,”

“Why doesn’t it suck?”

“All we do is memorize, not learn,”

“Teachers who hate kids,”
“Busy work,”

“We can’t leave for lunch,”

“Test scores are more important than learning,”

“It doesn’t,”


“You have to go home and do more work after already being at school for 8 hours,”

“It’s pointless to be here because I already basically have enough credits to graduate,”

“I don’t appreciate big projects that determine your whole grade and the daily work ending up counting for nothing,”

“Everyone judges you,”

“My anxiety worsens here,”

“Adults pressure you to continue going to school after 12 years and if you don’t pursue a higher education, you are looked down upon. A college degree is going to mean nothing when you’re at the end of your life, out of time,”

“I can’t wear my bookbag,”

“If my shoulders show, I am labeled inappropriate,”

“Someone thinks they’re better than you just because they are a year older,”


“It has not and will not prepare me for life after graduation,”

“It’s always cold,”

“You can’t ask certain teachers any questions without them making you feel stupid,”

“No school spirit,”

“It smells,”

“It doesn’t suck, it is so fun and awesome,”

“It resembles a prison,”

“I have to listen to people who think their funny,”

Touché, peers.