Girl Code: Yes, I’m Staring at You


There comes a time throughout each day (especially at school) that words aren’t enough to explain the anger, disgust, or whatever emotion you’re feeling.

Maybe some girl Insta’d two selfies in a matter of three hours.

Maybe that one person who responds to everything the teacher says is feeling extra annoying.

Maybe someone within a five mile radius is wearing pajama pants.

Maybe the girl you despise is talking, or doing anything for that matter.

Whatever it is, sometimes words just don’t do your feelings justice. That’s when you throw out one of the following dirty looks.

A slight burrowing of the eyebrows, with the lips pursed in complete loathe.

This face is one of the best when you’re trying to say, “Please tell me you’re not serious,” or “If you don’t stop smacking your food in the next five seconds I’m going to !^&*[email protected])&*!&@…”

The blank stare

Your gaze at the guilty party should be in a furiously subdued manor. This face is great for saying, “You can talk all you want but that’s not going to get me to care or listen,”

The nostril flare with raised eyebrows

This face should be reserved for serious occasions. It’s the face of disgust beyond disgust.

The up and down gaze

Usually this face is for checking out an atrocious outfit or for intimidation purposes. It’s exactly what it sounds like, the moving of eyes (and sometimes the entire head, when the situation presents itself), up from the bottom of the person or down from the head of the person.

Whatever the type of dirty look is, non-verbal communication can be very effective. As girls, we can contort our faces to simply show others what we think of them, and that is a beautiful thing.

Girl code.