Girl Code: Love Is…

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Girl Code: Love Is…


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With Valentine’s day rapidly approaching, the idea of “love” is everywhere.

However, what even is “love?” The concept is supposed to be simple, but it’s not.

Yes, of course there are all different kinds of love, but we are talking about the romance-type.

When talking about this kind of love, there are two main categories women fall under.

The first one consists of girls who say things like, “There’s no such thing as love. What are feelings? I have a black hole where my heart should be,” and other pretentious one-liners.

The complete opposite group is full of believers. These girls refuse to give up on the idea that someone was created to be their soulmate and love every part of them.

While these two categories are both extremities, these types of women are incredibly common to come across.

Even though I could rant about my opinions, I can’t say that I accurately represent the female population. So, I asked a wide range of girls/women what they think about ~l0Veeee~ <3

“I truly think everybody has a soulmate, sometimes people just fail to find them,” -11 years old

“Love shown in the movies isn’t realistic. In real life, things are more complicated,” -17 years old

“I’ve been married three times. Don’t ask me about love,” -43 years old

“It’s [love] not real,” -16 year old

“If everyone had someone perfect for them, nobody would be alone. Fate, destiny, love, and all of the rest of that stuff is bull****,” -20 year old

“Love is: babies,” -4 years old

“Although I’m remarried now after the passing of my first husband, nothing will ever compare to the love that we shared. Of course he wasn’t perfect, but together, we were,” -68 years old

“I believe there is somebody that is made just for you and when you see them, you’ll know that they’re the one. True love does exist, you just have to open your eyes,” -17 years old

“I used to believe in love… then I turned 10,” -29 years old

“I can’t ever see myself in a relationship with someone perfectly made for me. That’s just too far fetched,” -14 years old

“Men, boys… they’re idiots. Most of them aren’t capable of love, just physical attraction,” -22 years old

“I love Harry Styles so much,” -8 years old

“I’m a hopeless romantic, so of course I believe in true love,” -18 years old

So, there you have it. Whether or not “love,” is real, it’s everywhere. Embrace the flowers, chocolate, red and pink, or be the Valentine’s Grinch.

In reality, nobody really cares about your opinion on the holiday.
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