Senior Research Paper Blues


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With graduation rapidly approaching, seniors have one thing on their mind: getting out of high school. There’s a catch to graduating, however. First, seniors must complete a 10-page paper for their English IV class (12 pages for honors students) in which they connect research to a novel of their choice. Not only that, but must get a grade on the paper of nothing lower than a C. When several seniors were asked, “What is one sentence you could use to describe your feelings on the senior paper?” there were definitely a variety of responses.

First, you have the people who don’t have something completely negative to say about it.

Rachel Savner: “Focusing on the long term goal, graduation, is helping me focus on finishing the paper.”
Katie Tindell: “Hard but doable.”
Clayton Kaminski: “I feel like the paper is helping me become a better writer even though it’s a lot of work.”
Justin Summers: “Don’t fall behind.”
Tori Bejarano: “It really makes me think a lot about my future, because writing is a tool I need in life.”
Mercedes Montoya: “It’s not that bad if you put hard work into it and don’t slack off.”
Otto Metzger: “If you’re prepared it’s not that bad, but it’s easy to fall behind on.”
Rachel Kamm: “You have to write it about five times to get it right.”
Allison Crist: “It’s nothing compared to calculus and physics.”

Then, you have the ones who, well, aren’t exactly happy with it.

Mark Vitt: “Sleep deprivation is my favorite.”
Josh Summers: “Yeah…it sucks.”
Kyle Ross: “Awful.”
Taylor Sherley: “I love spending numerous hours on a paper that won’t get me anywhere in life.”
Susette Garcia: “I have better things to do with my life.”
Bret Fritz: “I feel like my brain got hit with a sledgehammer, basically.”
Laina Griffith: “I think it’s longer than it needs to be and it has way too many steps.”
Tanner Tavis: “I want to beat my head in with a brick.”
Tim Sanders: “I’d rather plant a garden and watch it grow.”
Eli Vinson: “It makes me want to scrape my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon.”
James Handke: “….Pshhhh.”
Chase Younger: “I’d rather watch women’s basketball.”
Zach Crouss: “It’s ruining my life.”
Tristan Hayes: “Concrete boots.”
Jacob Hicklin: “I’d rather drink gasoline.”
Tyler Lane: “I’d rather drink motor oil.”
Kyle Christenson: “It sucks.”

Regardless of what seniors think about the paper, it’s one of a few major projects standing between them and graduation. Best of luck to all seniors in getting their papers finished.

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