75 days…


This word is usually associated with a constant stream of clichés, tears of joy or sadness and so on. Whether or not you’re looking forward to this event, it’s inevitable.

With May 15th rapidly approaching, there is a common illness among seniors.

This disease is known as second semester senior slack-off syndrome with the street name of senioritis.

Symptoms include extreme laziness, lack of motivation, excessive absences, overuse of sweatpants, the list goes on.

With this disease, suddenly, a zero percent isn’t so scary.

Hygiene isn’t a priority.

Classes can be missed.

Curfew can be broken.

There’s really no end to the sickness that is senior slack-off syndrome.

The only real cure lies in the day freedom is achieved. Nostalgia replaces the laziness, and no matter how seniors were feeling throughout the year, it’s nearly impossible to not feel the least bit sad about leaving the past 12 years of your life behind.

Although the hatred is still lingering, the reminiscing will slowly make it disappear.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this one (clear display of senioritis). All I do know is that in 75 days, I will be cured of this madness.