Just Do It: Read

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,” -Richard Steele.

Older people are constantly complaining about the deterioration of today’s youth. Our generation is obsessed with social media, TV shows, movies, and practically anything electronic.

Humans rely on their smart phones for everything, thus making them “dumb” throughout the fixation.

With all of the innovations in modern technology, there are multiple sources in which a person can access all kinds of literature.

Anyone with a laptop or desktop can download a file of a book to their hard drive within minutes. There’s electronics like the “Kindle,” specifically designed for readers. All sorts of tablets can stream or download any book out there.

Not to mention, old-fashioned physical copies of books are still available.

So why have 41 percent of U.S. adults not read a fiction book in the past year? Why have 42 percent not read a nonfiction book in the past year?

With these disheartening results from a Huffington Post Poll, many are questioning the reasoning behind the lack of reading going on in America.

“As children, we were taught in school that reading is work. It is not made out to be desirable or even something that can be fun. In reality, reading is a privilege that should be taken advantage of,” Psychologist John Roberts said.

The point to be taken from facts like those shown by the Huffington Post is that reading is important. It goes beyond school requirements and should be seen as a hobby, or even an escape.

There’s no fun in living just one life, and that’s exactly what people do when they don’t read.