Formal or Informal?

Last year’s Homecoming dance was semi-formal, and 2014 graduate Alli Kasick started a petition to change it back to a formal dance. Unfortunately it wasn’t changed last year. The dance is going to be semi-formal this year, as STUCO is asking guys to wear dress pants and button-up shirts and girls to wear semi-formal dresses (not floor-length dresses like you’d wear for Prom). So do students prefer formal or semi-formal wear for the dance? Senior Rachel Marcus said, “ Formal! Because it’s fun to get dressed up and go out!”

Most people don’t really care, like sophomore, Haley Huffman. She said, “Personally I don’t think Homecoming is that fun and I don’t plan on going this year.”

Homecoming just isn’t becoming as important to everybody as it used to be. But it’s still definitely a good time!

Freshman Daniel Morris said, “I haven’t been to Homecoming yet since I’m a freshman. But it seems like it should be fun from what my older siblings tell me.”

Student Council chose the 1980s as this year’s theme for Homecoming week. Junior Kendall Findley said, “I think it’s going to be a really fun theme! You can do a lot with the ’80s, and I’m probably going to dress up.” In conclusion, Homecoming should be a blast this year with the theme of ’80s movies. So get your groove on and we hope to see you all there!