Locker Neighbors: What Could Be More Annoying?

I’m sure there are plenty of people who agree with me on this- high school students can be the absolute worst when it comes to being a good neighbor.

Picture this:

You’re already running late to class, lugging around your three-and-a-half pound textbook, and you’re about to drop it. You make it to your locker in time, but there’s something- or someone(s)- blocking your path. You’re about to say excuse me, but you see possibly the grossest thing one can see while still on school property; two people making out all up on your locker. You say, “Excuse me,” and they don’t react. So you say it a bit louder, still no reaction. You repeat it again, louder still. Nothing. So you push them out of the way- and suddenly you’re the rude one? Such injustice. Plus, you end up late to class, earning you a tardy. Some people….

People making out isn’t the only problem, though. There are people who gather with their friends, forming a giant circle in the middle of the hallway, making it virtually impossible to get past them. You pretty much have to rhinocerus your way through them to get where you need to get. I’m sure it’s like this in every hallway- five or six people standing in the middle of the hall, laughing and shouting as loud as humanly possible, making it impossible to say excuse me or move without shouting at the top of your own lungs. This wouldn’t be as big a problem if the hallways were wider, but that’s not going to happen.

So here is my advice to you, the people who can’t get to their locker and the people who have to shove their way through everyone: buckle down and tell your blocker how rude they’re being; they’ll never know if you don’t tell them. If it still doesn’t work, punch ‘em in th-…um…. Politely tell them to move.

For those blockers out there: Stop playing tonsil hockey on everyone’s lockers. It’s quite literally one of the most annoying things that you as a locker neighbor can do. And if you’re going to stand in circles and shout at each other, do it on your own time, because some people need to get to class.