Why I…Come to School (As told by BLHS students)


Caleb Van Beber, “Because my parents expect me to.”

Alec Walker, “1. To learn and 2. To see my friends.”

Damien Laffoon, “To get a great education from Basehor-Linwood.”

Aubrey Gunn, “Because I have to graduate.”

Annie Cygan, “Because our parents pay for it. You’re gonna be stupid if you don’t. And classes are easy, like Mr. O’s.”

Shawn Eads, “I’ll be really bored if I don’t.”

Will Johnson, “For the girls.”

Melinda Clement, “So I can cheer and one day go to college. I obviously don’t come here to eat. Michelle Obama doesn’t understand that a skinny girl can eat. I need food. She’s starving me!”

Daniel Tady, “To learn and be successful in life.”

Amber Jenkins, “I would feel left out [if I didn’t come]. I come here to see my friends and socialize.”