The Topic No One Wants To Talk About


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Look, I know you don’t want to talk about it. I know it seems sad to you, or maybe even stupid. But it’s not. It’s the topic nobody wants to talk about. But if we don’t talk about it, it might be too late.

It’s depression and suicide.

It’s hard to explain it if you’ve never been through it. And it’s impossible to understand the way it feels unless you’ve felt it. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it. Because every two hours and twelve minutes, a teenager or young adult will commit suicide. So for every two hours and twelve minutes that we hide from it, we’re going to lose another important life. The longer we stay silent, the longer we’ll go without change.

The truth is, people don’t get worse by talking about it. They don’t get worse by admitting it. But the depression itself will get worse if you hide it. We’ve gotta talk about it sometime. So why not now?

Our school counselor, Mrs. Silverforb, said that that’s why we have school counselors. To help you and me. Through any problem, they are here for us. She stressed that nothing is too serious, too embarrassing, or too terrible to talk about. If it hurts you, it’s worth talking about.

“We need to be perceived as people you can talk to,” Silverforb said. In order to get rid of all those thoughts and emotions bottled up is to open the bottle, right? And there’s two ways to open a bottle. Shatter it against the ground or open the cap and pour it out.

Think of talking about your depression as opening the cap. It’s easy to do once you start. But think of suicide as breaking that bottle. When it hits the floor, it shatters violently. I can guarantee that suicide is not the answer.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Silverforb said that that’s her favorite quote pertaining to this topic. And it’s true. Things might seem terrible right now. Maybe your friends betrayed you. Maybe you’re having family complications. Perhaps you’re mourning a broken relationship. I promise you, this is all only temporary.

Everything gets better with time. “The key to helping is trying to buy time,” Silverforb said. I know things seem terrible right now. But focusing all your mind on your current problem won’t end well. If you’re living in the moment, look ahead. Look on the bright side. Sometimes that’s hard to find, the bright side. But it’s there.

Find a way to distract yourself. Find a coping mechanism. Mine is music. Every night I go home and play guitar and sing, and any problems that I’m having disappear, because I’m focused on music. I find a song that relates to me, and through it, I speak my mind. What’s your coping mechanism? There’s gotta be something you love.

Maybe it’s music, like me. Maybe it’s a sport. Perhaps it’s sitting on your couch at night, reading a good book. Maybe it’s a friend, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, whom you can confide in. Don’t forget, you can talk to the school counselors too. They don’t bite, I promise. In fact, let me say this; it might seem scary, but talking about your problem is going to feel a whole lot better than holding it in. It’s a lot safer too.

If you have a friend who’s struggling, try to talk to them. Get them to talk to you or a counselor. If you can’t help them, don’t feel guilty. Let a counselor know, and they can get them the help they need. You can even remain anonymous, if you fear what your friend might say. But also remember, they might be mad at you now for exposing their secret, but it might save their life. Isn’t that worth it?

The counselors care about you. They care about everyone in this school. No one is more or less important. It’s should be a priority to you to want the best for yourself and your friends. Mrs. Silverforb said that her biggest fear is kids keeping their depression and thoughts secret, as well as friends keeping it secret for others. It’s not worth holding it in guys, I promise.

I’ve always said this; we’ve all got problems. So why don’t we help each other through them? You are not alone, no matter how you feel. If you conceal yourself to your room, crying yourself to sleep after faking a smile all day, let it out. Let all of it out. Cry. And tell people too. Don’t hide it. Someone, somewhere, is struggling just like you.

Someone, somewhere, is fighting just to get out of bed every day, just like you. Someone, somewhere, is struggling through a breakup or other testing situation, like you. Even if your thoughts are starting to take control, you aren’t alone. Someone, somewhere, is fighting to find the will to live as well.

Guys, I promise there’s a purpose to life. I promise you have a reason to live. Things seem dark, and you might feel worthless. But some of the worlds greatest people struggled with depression and suicide. Actors like Robin Williams suffered from depression, and some, like Williams, lose to it. Singers like Demi Lovato and Oliver Sykes suffer from depression. Some of the world’s best known faces have an unknown secret.

I think some people view depression as a weakness, especially those who haven’t been through it. Some view it as strange. You see the stereotypical ‘outcast’, and you just might start to judge them. But shouldn’t you try to walk a mile in their shoes?

We all have problems. I have problems, and I’m not afraid to admit that. You shouldn’t be either. And if you aren’t afraid to admit it, then you can talk about it. Talking helps, I promise it does. I’ve tried it and it works.

Here’s the complete and total truth; your problems aren’t worth your life. Yes, you have problems. We all do. Yes, you are sad. We all get sad. You might not be looking at the bright side, just the darkness. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Your problems aren’t worth your life. No matter how hard the problem may be, suicide is not the answer. Life is one huge multiple choice test, and every question has its answers. I assure you that suicide is not the answer to any of them.

I’ve seen people at the edge. I’ve known people with their suicide already planned out. Where are those people today? They’re still alive. Because they chose not to do it, for one reason or another, and they are still here today. No matter how low you are, no matter how dark it seems, it’s not too late. It’s never too late.

If you are reading this, and you are struggling with life right now, here’s my message to you. I’m glad. I’m glad you’re still alive. I’m glad you’re fighting. I know it’s hard to just put your shoes on in the morning sometimes. You have the courage and the strength to do it anyway.

Please don’t give up. Now is not the time to give up, not after all this time, never. It’s never the time. Because suicide is never the answer. Please, stay strong. Find a friend and an adult who you can trust and confide in. The counselors will help you, I promise.

You can do this. I believe in you. We all have a fight to win. So let’s go out and win it.