Finals Pep Talk


The time has come to talk of many things– and the most important is finals. Freshmen, take note, finals are the last grades in the gradebook of the semester. That means whatever your final grade is on December 20, 2014, that grade will always be on your high school transcript… or at least until you’re out of high school.

This shouldn’t be a scary thought. If it isn’t, congrats to you! But if finals are anxiously waiting to prey on you, then think of it this way: a reality check. Finals aren’t meant to completely drop your grade. The highest percentage a final can be of your semester grade is 20 percent. That isn’t even a quarter of all the work you’ve done the rest of the semester.

Take it from somebody who has completed countless finals over the past three, soon to be four years: finals are as easy as you make them.

Attention sophomores, you are starting your journey of difficult classes that probably will challenge you beyond what you expect and hope. There may be anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns maybe even a few sleepless nights, but just keep going. Senior year isn’t that far away.

For the juniors, you know what to do. Don’t catch senioritis too early, or you’ll be finished. And not the good kind of “finished,” more like the “I wasted my high school years wanting to get out of this place, when I should’ve been studying more and enjoying the short amount of time I had with these great teachers and classmates”-kind of done. The point is focus on your grades. Colleges take a very close look at your latest grades and these are your latest grades.

To my dear seniors, we’re almost done. We can and will do this: Just two more semesters!

The best thing to do right now for everybody is to keep calm, get your books out, finish that study guide, and ace the test.