Sobe LifeWater Lessons


High school can be really hard sometimes, and the people in it make it a lot harder. It seems like everyone, high school students in general, have a really tough time making and keeping good friends.

The solution? Try being nice for once.
No, really. I can’t walk down the hallway without hearing somebody insult someone else, both to their face and behind their back, at least ten times.
Why is that? We’re confused, insecure, and way too self-aware. If I be nice to that different kid, I won’t fit in anymore….

We all need to be more like the bottle caps from Sobe’s LifeWater bottles. In the past week alone, I’ve gotten three compliments from these quirky bottle caps.
They’re random and funny without being mean. They’re like those cheesy candy hearts that are always sold around Valentine’s day.
Here are some examples of some of the sayings on these little bottle caps:

I want to Sobe with you
Lizard Licker
Hey boy, Hey girl
Nice view
You’re so cool
Yer a lizard, Harry
Help me, trapped in Sobe factory

Why can’t we be funny without being mean or grotesque anymore? I get on any social media and all I see are jokes about Jewish people being murdered, and babies dying. That’s not funny. It’s horrible and tasteless.

Sobe is definitely doing something right. The LifeWater lids always brighten my day, no matter what. I look forward to seeing what’s going to be on my lid that day.
Making fun of somebody because of something they can’t help, or because of something they do, isn’t funny. Why would you go out of your way to make someone feel bad when it’s so much easier, and feels way better, to make somebody laugh and smile?
I think that everyone needs to learn a lesson from Sobe’s LifeWater caps. There’s no way to know somebody’s story unless they tell you. Try seeing life from their persepective before you put them down. In fact, don’t put them down at all.

Everyone has terrible days. You’ll never know how much a compliment or a good, light hearted joke will help until you’ve experienced it, and if you have experienced it, then you know how valuable it is.
Remember how amazing you felt when that random person in the hallway said they liked your hair, shoes, shirt, bag, etc.?
Don’t be selfish and share the love.

This has been a PSA from Sobe LifeWater Lessons.