The Dying Breed


A low rumble grows into a blood-curdling scream of excitement while the Basehor-Linwood basketball fanatics simultaneously jump in the air after winning the 4A state championship over Ottawa in March 2012.

Three years later and much has changed. All but the freshmen class at the time of the last championship win have graduated and Basehor-Linwood is left with an empty shell of what it used to be– in terms of school spirit and the student section.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of basketball games before the 2014 season was the roller coaster. Upperclassmen such as Tyler Fritts, Jesse Hiss, and Jared Kenton would lead the entire student section in a “ride” full of screams and the methodic stomping of feet to simulate the coaster itself.

During the 2014-2015 season, senior Jesse Smallwood attempted to lead the downsized student section to the same excitement that he and other seniors once experienced, but morale was low.

One of the main causes of the smaller student section is the incredible event of students sitting in another section –one that is literally next to the actual traditional section.

The great population of the faux student section leads other students and underclassmen to sit next to the majority of students. They ask themselves, “Who would want to sit next to the 12 weirdos screaming and cheering?”

Meanwhile, a few rows of devout Basehor-Linwood students dedicate their efforts to the basketball teams.

The entire situation is a large cycle of increasing disdain for one another. Girls teams do not sit with the student section to “get back” at the boys teams for not cheering for them. The girls’ friends sit with them. Then underclassmen follow the lead. And finally, the traditional student section is left alone.

Senior Jacob Cook said that in order to fix this, the students (specifically, ambassadors) need to take charge and create a better atmosphere for everybody.

It is unknown if there will be any change to the status quo, but as evident from any bystander, there needs to be change if Basehor-Linwood wants any fans in the next four years.