Money and Politics


Photo by: Clay Beebe

The legislators in the Kansas House of Representatives and the Senate debate over hundreds of issues every day. Some of these are incredibly detrimental to the future of Kansas politics, but the most important regard money.

Students have been able to literally see the changes of shortened budgets and cuts around every school district across the state. Perhaps some may remember in grade school when reusing scratch paper became a standard or when the teachers were not able to give out markers and crayons whenever needed.

At Basehor-Linwood, these changes have been downplayed in order to ensure the greatest education possible while working with an extremely reduced amount of money.

In February 2015, the Republican Governor Sam Brownback announced that he would be cutting $44.5 million from the budgets of schools around the state. That did not come without consequences as evident in a recent AP report.

According to Associated Press, two months later, two schools announced that they would be letting out up to 6 and 12 days earlier, respectively, in order to save money instead of paying staff. This shows many things. The first of them being that Gov. Brownback has completely lost his mind while trying to experiment with the education and lives of millions of Kansans. And second is that change is needed for the survival of teachers and other paid workers of the state.

Many opponents of Brownback ask where the money cut from education and welfare is going, and the answer is unknown. The state is constantly scratching for every penny it can to make up for the cuts to taxes and basically every single taxable thing, but as of right now, it has not worked.