Senior Farewell: Clay Beebe


Dear reader,

If we have never before crossed paths, spoken a word, or even glanced at each other, let these words be my most important to anyone – including you:

Find your passion.

It seems that there is no limit or restriction regarding passion. Anyone can have it and everyone should. A successful person is somebody who developed many different areas of expertise in search of their one true passion. Even if someone never finds their ambition, the search itself is ambitious. This does not just take place during high school, but throughout life. I am not the first to tell you that high school is not your entire life.

Between the time of birth and death, there should be a lot of time to search for your passion. But with all of life’s temptations, you may get sidetracked. When you do make some risky decisions, or maybe have to set your search aside for other reasons, take a step back, evaluate your life and your choices to see where you are going. It’s okay to take as long as you want. It’s your life!

It’s okay to take as long as you want. It’s your life!”

— Clay Beebe

Do not get worried by the small things. Evaluate yourself routinely. If you are not completely happy and satisfied with what you decide to do with your life, keep looking. You have the rest of your life to keep looking. Ask yourself: What is your passion? Have you found it yet? One thing that a lot of people assume is that they have to do what they are told. Nobody is forcing them or you. It’s your life, but finding your passion will make the time between birth and death much more enjoyable.