Senior Farewell: Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Foster


Man, these last few years of high school have taken forever. Well…not really. My three years of high school have flown by too quickly, and yet, I will only miss things a little bit. I’m honestly too excited right now about going to Wichita State next fall and rooming with Jenna Espinoza to recall many memories, so I’ll just run through the things I have done throughout high school that will take a long time, if ever, for me to forget.

Freshman year is pretty hazy, and it wasn’t that exciting, since I was only a freshmen. Sophomore year is when I decided to graduate early, and things got really busy really fast. After going through the long process of getting permission to graduate early, online classes began piling on top of my other classes.

Then senior year came fast, and it’s almost over. I remember first starting this year, not knowing anybody in the senior class. Now some of my best friends, even my roommate, are members of the amazing class that I will get to graduate with.

This year was interesting, partly because I was with two different classes. I still had classes, like Honors English III, with my friends in the junior class, who I’ve grown up with practically my whole life. I also had to take Honors English IV, which is how I got so close with a lot of the students in the senior class.

Balancing these two English classes was tough, especially while doing powerlifting and cheerleading, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Plus, I got to have two awesome English teachers at the same time. Mr. Schwartz and Mrs. Vielhauer both made class exciting and helped me not get overloaded with English work from both classes.

I’ve had, what a lot of people would say is the “best of both worlds”. I got to sit and catch up with my junior friends on one day, while I was able to talk about senior things and college on the other day at lunch with my senior friends. This unique experience of graduating early has been one of the best decisions I made in high school.

This unique experience of graduating early has been one of the best decisions I made in high school.”

— Alyssa Foster

Looking back, I will be forever grateful that I got to be part of the newspaper staff at BLHS. Even though it was only a short two years that I was on staff, it was the best two years because it helped keep me up to date with anyone and anything going on around me while I was so busy.

This year, I was granted the position to be the editor-in-chief, and I learned so much while partaking in this role with the newspaper staff. This year was my favorite year on the staff because of the great diversity of the staff. We had people from nearly all sports, clubs, and music departments to cover all aspects of the student body.

Each member brought something special to newspaper and I will never forget the belly-aching laughs they all gave me. This year’s group was truly special, and it will be sad to not see them every other day and have birthday parties all the time.

Aside from mentioning Mr. Schwartz and Mrs. Vielhauer earlier, I would like to recognize and thank Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Loney. I owe a blessing to Mrs. Harris because she is the sole reason that I am majoring in biomedical engineering down at Wichita State. Earlier this year, I had never even heard of this major, let alone knew that it would probably be the best possible way to prepare me for medical school in the future. She helped me with connections in the engineering department down there, and so much more.

Mrs. Loney has been one of the kindest people I have ever met. She’s had me in class since freshmen year, and has always encouraged me to keep writing.

I wish good luck to next year’s newspaper staff, and to all of my amazing friends that I’m leaving behind as they start their senior years and finish up the last, and best, part of high school. Happy graduation seniors!