Fire Drills Provide Unnecessary Reminder

We’ve been taught from the moment school started what to do in the case of a drill. Go outside calmly and wait for the faculty to tell us to go back inside. So, why do we need to practice it every year if it never changes?

Of course there are the obvious reasons. We need it drilled into our brains so that we know what to do when it actually happens. And new students coming into the building won’t know the procedure.

However, these problems can be solved by having the teachers tell their classes at the beginning of the year, and reminding them throughout it.

Teachers use class time to instruct students, and students use class time as a tool for getting their work done. The time spent outside waiting for the drill to end is precious, especially to those who are in a time crunch.

“They’re still important, but we do them too much. It’s not like we’ve forgotten how to line up and go outside,” senior Siera Bernard said.

“I think it’s a waste of time because it’s pretty self-explanatory,” Ashley Hicklin said. “We don’t need to do it like once a week. Just let us work in peace.”

“Doing it over and over again is a waste of time. Just one time is good enough,” Chandreah Hime said.

The question then becomes, do we get rid of them all together or do we just have fewer drills?

“We aren’t dumb; we know how to do it. Almost everyone here has done it at least five times,” Bernard said. Hicklin and Hime both agreed, simply saying that we should have less drills.

It seems most people are in agreement. We don’t need to completely get rid of the fire drills. We just need to lessen the amount of them that we do.