The Warm Menace – by Betty Dugood


Dear Basehor-Linwood,

All around the nation young men and women are revelling in the unseasonal warmth. Ear muffs and mittens have been discarded in favor of cardigans and comfy sweaters. Jackets have seem to have shrunk in size upon the shoulders of those attending BLHS.

One may wonder why a concerned parent wouldn’t tell their child to grab a jacket before they freeze to death. The reason may lie in the unavoidable truth that must be attended to; the climate of the world has changed drastically in the course of our lifetimes. It is very likely that our parents were instructed to wear warm clothes regularly in the cold months as to avoid any wintertime sickness. But, what has made our caregivers feel they should avoid giving us their children this important instruction?

It is due to what the parents of today have seen develop in their local weather. They know the course of the day. They need not worry about what might happen or what evening chill might roll in. A simple glance at a smart phone and anyone could be certain of the appropriateness of their dress for the rest of the day. But aside from our smartphones what has made our youth so loose in their manner of preserving body heat? It is global warming. The winters have become shorter and the world has accepted it.

Aside from the basic facts that global warming is bad, let us focus on the issue of the youth not taking precautions in their winter wear. To button up is to accept the world’s chills in stride. But, without any chills, what have the children a need for jackets for? With this, I will formally join the green party and make my support for Bernie Sanders public. Not only will the great man make strides in stopping global warming, but he will also have a personal understanding of the plight of concerned senior citizens like myself.

Sincerely with political zeal,

Betty Dugood